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HTML5Rocks was a content site run by Google. Its content lives on at Web Fundamentals and web.dev. Chrome-specific content can be found at Chrome Developers.


HTML5Rocks is not deployed automatically. If you make a change, you'll need to deploy it. You can just run gcloud from this folder (there's no build step):

$ gcloud app deploy --project html5rocks-hrd --no-promote ./app.yaml

This will deploy to a unique version and hostname but not take over serving yet. Check it works with your browser, then migrate all traffic to the new version from the Cloud Console.

⚠️ If you get a 500 when testing the site, wait ~10 seconds and try again. The code is slow to start, and App Engine can be initially unhappy.

If you need access to do this, ask in team chat or ping a lead.


If you're removing content and want to add a redirect, add it to the "_redirects.yaml" file. Changes to this file need the site to be redeployed as described above.

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