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A responsive, foundational WordPress theme boilerplate. Adheres to best practices and requirements set by the official WordPress Codex and theme review guidelines.

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###:link: Demo : http://wpflex.grayghostvisuals.com


A blank, responsive, WordPress theme boilerplate adhering to best practices and requirements set forth by the official WordPress Codex and theme review guidelines. Also makes a great starter theme for any of your WordPress theming needs.

If you care to mention this theme helper in your project then please do so by adding the following to your site footer with an appropriate link to this repo: "Built with the almighty WP–Flex; A blank, responsive boilerplate for WordPress theme makers."

Codex Theme Review Guidelines

http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Review ###Theme Unit Test Site http://wpthemetestdata.files.wordpress.com

Non-Theme Directory Useage

If you're not using the theme for submission to the theme directory then make sure to do the following.

  1. Adjust the loader assets to fit your needs. You can remove the assets reference(s) and place the assets anywhere of your choosing.

Browser Tested &, Developer Approved: Yup! even IE7

  1. Tested and Debugged using WordPress 3.9.1

    1. theme-unit-test.xml
    2. wp-config.php.
  2. Complies with ALL Major Browser Vendors and Web Standards Practices


Themes are required to prefix all options, custom functions, custom variables, and custom constants with theme-slug (or appropriate variant
Reference → [http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Review#Security_and_Privacy](http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Review#Security_and_Privacy). WP-Flex needs a dynamic means to create a new prefix across our codebase without going through everything line by line.

###For example using functions.php to illustrate…

function wpflex_setup() {

would be replaced dynamcially with our new name....

function awesomesauce_setup() {

WordPress Coding Standards Documentation

Documentation → http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Coding_Standards

####{ CSS } Coding Standards

WP–Flex Contribution Guidelines

We strictly follow the WordPress coding guidelines and so should you if you're going to contribute to this repo. Thanks for abiding by these guidelines. WP–Flex contributors and myself love you for this.

  • http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Coding_Standards

  • For WP–Flex we use a Gitflow Branching Model.

    This means our branching is kept nice and clean allowing everyone else to see commits, merges and releases in a logical fashion. Please take the time to review this model to ensure your Pull Requests are accepted. The following items listed are the branches and naming conventions we adhere to.

    Master, Develop, Release, Hotfix, Feature

  • Keep it simple and as blank as possible –with the exception of the demo styles. Feel free to give back to the demo styles if you feel inclined :)

Before uploading your theme submission

  1. Remove any hidden files from your WP-Flex directory per Theme Check Plugin Review → http://pross.org.uk/theme-check
  2. Remove github's README.md file included with this repository
  3. Rename wpflex-readme.txt to readme.txt as per WordPress' Codex theme requirements
  4. License your theme with GNU http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html. Themes are required to be licensed fully under a GPL-compatible license.


  1. HTML5 Boilerplate → http://html5boilerplate.com
  2. jQuery → http://jquery.com
  3. Modernizr → http://modernizr.com

The Contents

  1. wpflex-readme.txt A must have for theme submission. Describes the ins and outs to users what's great and what still needs work with your theme.A reccomendation from the Wordpress Codex for theme authors

  2. Detailed PHP Comments Includes URL references for theme submission checks and further customization correlating with the Wordpress Codex

  3. Required WordPress CSS Classes Every theme submission is required to have specific CSS classes for your style sheets in order to be accepted into the WordPress.org theme repository

  4. Responsive Images You know the drill. Blah, blah, blah, something, something, max-width:100% sorta stuff for embedded media. Also implemented for WordPress post attachments by making sure images with WordPress added height and width attributes are scaled correctly.

  5. Comment Thread Styling Classes Those tricky comment thread styling classes provided to you by default. No more scanning the DOM or reading more tutorials. It's all there bro!

  6. Responsive Category and Tag Listings In order to flow the listing of tags and categories as the browser expands and contracts we must break up the lists and display them inline in order to avoid a run on measure. We make absolutely sure we stop too many categories from breaking the layout.

  7. Standardized CSS Comment Flags CSS comment flags used for sectioning as reccommended by WordPress theme review guidelines.

  8. theme-unit-test.xml A database for theme testing with multiple users, comment threading, posts and more.

  9. theme-options.php Boilerplate Custom boilerplate starting point to give your users and authors awesome theme options out of the box for vCard and social integrations with Facebook and Twitter.

  10. functions.php Boilerplate A creamy base for required functionality of themes and submission via WordPress.org Theme Repository. http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/upload

  11. Custom Navigation Functionality We use wp_nav_menu while providing a fallback if a custom navigation menu is not in place. This option can be found from within your WordPress Admin Dashboard under "Appearance" > "Menus"

  12. "Snippets" folder containing clever bits for those that wish to customize their themes further like removing the “read more” behavior that jumps readers to the top, Custom Nav Placement to display a custom navigation menu of your choosing anywhere you would like.

  13. An “inc” folder containing snippets to display meta info about posts or if you'd like, an author bio with an avatar!

##Make your theme stronger with these…

  1. wp-custom-admin

More inspiring and wonderful blank WordPress themes

Surely you can always visit the Wordpress Codex for more customization and give it a shot yourself -thats what I did :)p

###:link: Codex http://codex.wordpress.org ###:link: Wordpress.org http://wordpress.org

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