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Authentication bypass for outdated WoW emulation authentication servers

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This application is a proof of concept exploit for the authentication bypass methods in many World of Warcraft emulation authentication servers discovered by Chaosvex ( and Daemon (

To use, auth_bypass.dll must be injected into wow.exe (versions 1.12.1, 2.4.3 and 3.3.5a are supported). An injector wowned.exe is included.

An example usage would be:

wowned.exe -c -p "f:\wow 3.3.5\WoW.exe" --2

wowned.exe --help output:

wowned v0.1 injector
Allowed options:
  -h [ --help ]                   display help message
  -c [ --console ]                enable wow console
  -p [ --program ] arg (=wow.exe) path to wow binary
  --1                             exploit method one
  --2                             exploit method two


The bugs which this application will exploit have been publicly disclosed since early November 2016 (see here: Some private servers have opted to ignore the warning. It is a common practice among security researched to release a proof of concept exploit after vendors and users have had ample opportunity to apply a patch. Doing so can encourage the remaining vendors or users to follow suit.

For reference, these are two commits which fix 'method one' and 'method two' respectively:

I have been contacted by several people to thank me for providing a new revenue stream, whereby they abuse these issues (using their own exploits) to steal gold from their victims and re-sell it on private servers. One even offered me a kickback in exchange for not releasing this. For those of you reading this, I am thoroughly unimpressed with your so-called abilities. Any slashdot script kiddie can break something. Show me something positive you've created and then I will take you seriously.


As mentioned above, credit for the initial discovery goes to Chaosvex. Credit for the discovery of method two goes to Daemon of, who found the second issue when he and I were discussing the first one.


Some of the private servers that I have tested this on are still vulnerable. If you are a private server administrator and for whatever reason are unable to adapt the above-linked commits to your code, please feel free to contact me.

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