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Wowchemy: the all-in-one website builder

Join 750,000+ Sites. No Code. Easily Create Future-Proof Websites ✏️ 📰 🚀

🔥 1. Create any kind of website for free with Hugo-powered blocks - from landing pages, knowledge bases, and courses to professional resumés, conferences, and tech blogs

🎨 2. Personalize a beautiful starter template with 50+ light/dark color themes, language packs, and blocks

🛋 3. Optionally, write from your sofa or on the go with the integrated open source Content Management System (CMS) based on Netlify CMS

Wowchemy CMS

Check out the latest demos of what you'll get in less than 60 seconds, or get inspired by other creators.

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Starter Templates

Wowchemy is a no-code framework for creating any kind of website using widgets. Each site is 100% customizable to make it your own!

Choose from one of the starter templates to easily get started:

Writing technical content

The Future of Technical Content Writing

Write rich, future-proof content using standardized Markdown along with bundled extensions for math and diagrams. Edit in the open source CMS or via an editor such as the online GitHub Editor, Jupyter Notebook, or RStudio! Learn more

Writing technical content



Key features:

  • Page builder - Create anything with widgets and elements
  • Edit any type of content - Blog posts, publications, talks, slides, projects, and more!
  • Create content in Markdown, Jupyter, or RStudio
  • Plugin System - Fully customizable color and font themes
  • Display Code and Math - Code highlighting and LaTeX math supported
  • Integrations - Google Analytics, Disqus commenting, Maps, Contact Forms, and more!
  • Beautiful Site - Simple and refreshing one page design
  • Industry-Leading SEO - Help get your website found on search engines and social media
  • Media Galleries - Display your images and videos with captions in a customizable gallery
  • Mobile Friendly - Look amazing on every screen with a mobile friendly version of your site
  • Multi-language - 35+ language packs including English, 中文, and Português
  • Multi-user - Each author gets their own profile page
  • Privacy Pack - Assists with GDPR
  • Stand Out - Bring your site to life with animation, parallax backgrounds, and scroll effects
  • One-Click Deployment - No servers. No databases. Only files.


Wowchemy comes with automatic day (light) and night (dark) mode built-in. Alternatively, click the moon icon in the top right of one of the Demos to set your preferred mode!

Choose a stunning theme for your site and customize it to your liking:


Browse more templates and themes...


  • Hugo Academic CLI: Automatically import academic publications from BibTeX
  • Awesome Hugo: Scripts to help migrate content to new versions of Hugo

Join the community

Feel free to star the project on Github, join the community on Discord, and follow @wowchemy on Twitter to be the first to hear about new features.


Copyright 2016-present George Cushen.

The Wowchemy Hugo Themes repository is released under the MIT license.

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