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A simple script that makes studying much easier.


Requires Python 3.6+

  • git clone https://github.com/yunv/wisdomtree
  • pip3 install -r requirements.txt


  • Run study.py with Python3 (python study.py on Windows, python3 study.py on Linux and macOS)
  • Enter your phone number and password, userId will be saved and you will not need to login again.
  • Press y when it found the right course.
  • All lessons will be marked as watched.
  • It will try correct answers out. This feature is considered dangerous and requires to change TAKE_EXAMS flag to True in study.py. If you also want to submit exams automatically, change EXAM_AUTO_SUBMIT flag to True. Exams that contain short answer questions will not be submitted automatically.


Deprecation of exam submission

As of December 2017, server no longer returns realAnswer, so it's impossible to save correct answers directly. You should do exams yourself.

A brute force method

However, there is an API where we can see scores of every question so a trial-and-error method is implemented. It requires a lot of communication with the server. Use at your own risk.

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