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Winter One SFFPC Case! Created by wintercharm & rayyanalam01


The New Cold Standard

Winter One was designed with the utmost care to deliver unprecedented cooling, whisper-quiet operation, and great hardware compatibility in a compact size.

Small, Yet Mighty

At just 15.6 L, Winter One supports desktop-class components like dual 280 mm radiators, 3-slot graphics cards, and 70 mm CPU coolers.

The Best Sandwich You'll Never Eat

Winter One uses the innovative Sandwich Layout, refined. We eliminated the central spine, improving airflow and freeing up internal volume for better flexibility.

Flexibility At Your Fingertips

The frameless architecture of Winter One maximizes the interior volume. With ample room to route tubing, mount a pump, attach a drive cage, and add fans or radiators, you can build your dream system.

Building in Winter One

Air Cooled Build Video

WinterCharm's Air Cooled Build

Water Cooled Build Video

Linus Tech Tips Review & Watercooling Build

WinterCharm's Personal Build

Small Winter Collider

Beauty Through Simplicity

The visually balanced exterior design conveys harmony and serenity, while the clean lines and anodized, bead-blasted aluminum command attention.

Double Case - Oblique 3

Engineered to Perform

Thousands of hours of design and computational fluid dynamics have gone into crafting airflow through Winter One. Hello science, goodbye thermal throttling.

It All Starts With CFD

The promise of Small Form Factor systems has always been putting desktop components into a small space. But the biggest drawback has always been thermals and noise. Until Now.

Screen Shot 2021-04-23 at 12_16_19 PM_pn

Airflow Enhancements in Winter One

Reducing Flow Restriction across panels

Large holes provide low flow restriction, making it easier it is for air to cross from one side of the plate to the other, preventing stoppage of flow. This is especially important when it comes to passive cooling, where too much flow restriction can trap the heat within the case.

Linear Airflow Paths

For every 90º Turn made by flowing air, there is a loss in pressure and velocity. Winter One maintains linear airflow in the solid side panel configuration. With perforated side panels, the path air takes is limited to one 90º turn to provide each radiator with the necessary flow.

Acoustically Optimized Panels

Perforated Plate geometry, and distance from the plate to the fan blades has been carefully controlled, in order to create multiple, smaller transitions to turbulent flow, This spreads one acoustic peak into 3 separate peaks, creating a more pleasant noise profile to the human ear.

Eliminating Internal Surfaces

Surfaces that air flows against create boundary layer drag. Great care was taken to remove internal surfaces inside Winter One. Eliminating the central spine allows air to flow cleanly through the enclosure.

Backflow Barriers on the End-plates

When fan speeds are pushed higher, air had a tendency to loop around and re-circulate. The geometry of the inside of the end plate was altered, in order to provide a physical barrier to limit the backflow of air, further improving efficiency.

Optimized Foot Height

Many small form factor cases use the smallest possible feet to avoid adding volume. However, this drastically harms cooling, whether the case is set up for intake or exhaust at the bottom.

Stunning Silence, By Design

The perfectly sized holes for airflow are also carefully acoustically optimized, lowering turbulence and noise during operation. The beautiful cork-padded feet provide additional vibration damping. Just like the airflow optimizations, our acoustic optimizations combined simulations with real-world testing to create an unbelievably silent system. At a 20cm measuring distance, with fans set to 1250 rpm, Winter One’s noise levels are incredible, at just 28 dBa. Everything above 1.2 KHz remains below 23dBa, barely noticeable.


Side Profile w Panel

Dimensions and Weight

Volume: 15.6 L

Enclosure Dimensions L: 32.2 cm (12.7 in) W: 16.0 cm (6.3 in) H: 30.2 cm (11.9 in)

With Protrusions L: 32.5 cm (12.8 in) W: 16.0 cm (6.3 in) H: 32.2 cm (12.7 in)

Materials: Al 6061-T6 (Anodized + Bead Blasted), Cork Weight: 1.9 kg (4.2 lb)

Part Compatibility


User Manual

Winter One Manual v12 rev9.pdf


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