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A Node.js map tile library for PostGIS and torque.js, with CartoCSS styling

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A Node.js map tile library for PostGIS and torque.js, with CartoCSS styling.

  • Can render arbitrary SQL queries
  • Generates image and UTFGrid interactivity tiles
  • Accepts, stores, serves, and applies map styles written in CartoCSS
  • Supports re-projections

Windshaft is a library used by CARTO, a location intelligence and data visualization tool.


Playing with colors by @andrewxhill Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation by @andrewxhill Bolivia deforestation by @saleiva Traffic accidents by @rochoa




To fetch and build all node-based dependencies, run:

$ npm install

Installing Mapnik

Note: only needed while developing Mapnik and/or node-mapnik.

node-mapnik comes compiled for some platforms and architectures, in case you need it you can always compile, package and install it manually. The recommended option is via binaries, see mason and install Mapnik like:

$ mason install mapnik <version>

Where <version> is the latest released version of Mapnik. You can also use other alternatives:


Probably one of the more advanced uses of Windshaft library can be found at Windshaft-cartodb project.


$ npm test


$ npm run cover

Open ./coverage/lcov-report/index.html.

Docker support

We provide docker images just for testing and continuous integration purposes:

You can find instructions to install Docker, download, and update images here.

Useful npm scripts

Run test in a docker image with a specific Node.js version:

$ DOCKER_IMAGE=<docker-image-tag> NODE_VERSION=<nodejs-version> npm run test:docker


  • <docker-image-tag>: the tag of required docker image, e.g. carto/nodejs-xenial-pg1121:latest
  • <nodejs-version>: the Node.js version, e.g. 10.15.1

In case you need to debug:

$ DOCKER_IMAGE=<docker-image-tag> npm run docker:bash


Fonts: Invalid value for text-face-name

You need to install fonts at system level to be able to use them. If you face an issue like Invalid value for text-face-name, the type font is expected. DejaVu Sans Book (of type string) was given. probably you don't have the required fonts, try to install DejaVu fonts or any other font needed.



We follow SemVer for versioning. For available versions, see the tags on this repository.


This project is licensed under the BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License. See the LICENSE file for details.

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