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Fast Window switcher for Windows using a Fuzzy matching algorithm.

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Binds (by default) to CTRL+ALT+I and allows you to enter data to open a specific window on your desktop.

Example of WindowSwitcher popup window

How to use

To use this:

  • Download and install AutoHotkey
  • Clone or download this repository
  • Run (doubleclick) WindowSwitcher.ahk in the root
  • Press CTRL+ALT+I to test

How to override shortcut key

To override the shortcut key edit WindowSwitcher.ahk and look for setting Key := "^!I" and replace it with the Autohotkey expression of your liking. Read more about that here:

For example, to use the capslock key:

Key := "Capslock"

NOTE: This will disable the capslock key which is likely not a bad thing anyway.

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