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A NodeJS app to allow a rPi 3 or Pi Zero's + IoT pHat WiFi to be configured via BLE

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This is a NodeJS app to configure WiFi on a Raspberry Pi 3 or a Pi Zero with IoT pHAT via Bluetooth Low Energy and Web Bluetooth.

The reasons for this can be found here

To run clone the code

git clone https://github.com/hardillb/wifi-provision.git

Edit the namePrefix in the static/index.html to match the host name for the pi then copy it to a public facing http server that supports https and generate a new short URL for this location. Take the short URL and edit the last line of index.js


You can now run this as root

node index.js

It should now broadcast the short URL as a Eddystone beacon, when you follow the link you will get a page that will connect to the device and allow you to push SSID and password to it. Once connected it will send the device IP address back to the page.

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