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Super Mario World (SNES) Widescreen Project


3 months ago

This version improves widescreen and extrawide versions:

  • Fixes a missing S2 on default widescreen configuration. This should fix issues when playing the standard version on bsnes-hd and not getting the windowing mode correct.
  • Upgrades the proximity patch to version 2.0, improving Mario <-> Enemy distance calculation.
  • Adds detailed instructions and base patches for building SMW Widescreen from scratch. See BUILDING doc for more details.

Ultrawide version is still work in progress, but by following the building instructions you can see a preview version of it. Version 1.20 will release the definitive version, along with the 448x224 base patch.


1 year ago

Version 1.10

  1. Added Extrawide support, with 384x224 internal resolution. Can be used on 16:9 mode (without pixel stretching) and 2:1/18:9/18.5:9 (with pixel streching, similar to CRT TVs); 352x224 is available too for 16:9 (with pixel stretching) and 16:10 (without pixel stretching)
  2. Fixed the koopa shell appearing on screen when vertically offscreen when shaking/staring or running, fixes #10
  3. Fixed some enemies spawning to the right direction, partially fixes #26 and #13

SMW Widescreen - 16:10 (without pixel stretching):


SMW Widescreen - 16:9 (with pixel stretching):


SMW Extrawide - 16:9 (without pixel stretching):


SMW Extrawide - 2:1/18:9/18.5:9 (with pixel stretching):



1 year ago

Version 1.02

This version fixes Morton/Roy battle softlock, caused by Ludwig battle background rendering incorrectly on the room. This is a stable version.


1 year ago

Version 1.01

This version fixes SMW's credits causing interference with the castle destruction cutscenes. Note that v1.02 is still more up to date and you should use that version.


1 year ago

Version 1.00

This is the first public release. Please note that version 1.02 is the current and recommended version, since it contains important fixes.