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What's deployed from a Github repo on various server environments?

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What's Deployed?

What's deployed from a GitHub repo on various server environments?

This requires that you have 2 or more URLs that return a git sha that references which git sha has been deployed.


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Development requires both Python 3.6 or higher for the backed, and JS for the front end.

To install dependencies:

pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install -r dev-requirements.txt
yarn install

To run the app, first start the backend (note, you need at least Python 3.6):

DEBUG=1 SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI='postgres:///whatsdeployed' ./app.py

and then in a separate terminal, start the frontend:

yarn start

This will automatically open your browser to http://localhost:3000/

To avoid hitting rate limits on GitHub's API you can go to Personal access tokens and generate a token (without any scopes). How can you set:

export GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN=afefdf213840aeb8007310ab05fc33eda51a0652

Environment variables

You can put all your environment variables into a .env file, like this:


This file will automatically be read when running the Python backend.


Really basic for now.

For the front-end, we check the output of yarn run build as a build.zip file. This is generated by running ./bin/build.sh.

Upgrade dependencies

To upgrade a dependency, edit requirements.in and then run:

pip-compile --generate-hashes requirements.in

Now you should have a change in requirements.in and in requirements.txt. Check in both.

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