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Simple iOS app using TMDb API and RxSwift

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🎬 WhatFilm

Simple iOS app using TMDb API. Browse through a list of popular films weither there're coming up soon in theaters or already released in DVD. Search specific films and go through the cast and crew of each production.

v1.0 is now available for download on your iOS devices

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🔎 About

WhatFilm is built following a Functional Reactive Programming paradigm (FRP) using RxSwift and RxCocoa

🔧 Usage

In order to use the app, you can use the current TMDb API Key provided in this repo or request one by signing up there: https://www.themoviedb.org

You can update the key it in the file Services.plist

📫 Author

Julien Ducret - [email protected]

Follow me on Twitter @jbrocoo

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