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weex-starter-kit is a tool that can quickly build weex projects

Install Cli

npm install weex-starter-cli -g

getting start

1.create directory

mkdir helloweex

2.checkout directory

cd helloweex

3.init project


4.init iOS

need bundle exec pod install // pod install
open project and run by Xcode // open project run project

file structure

  • src/*: all Vue's source code
  • app.js: entrance of the Weex page
  • build/*: some build scripts
  • dist/*: where places generated code
  • assets/*: some assets for Web preview
  • index.html: a page with Web preview and qrcode of Weex js bundle
  • .babelrc: babel config (preset-2015 by default)
  • .eslintrc: eslint config (standard by default)

npm scripts

# build in dev-server and run project
npm run dev

# build the js bundles for dev
npm run build:dev

# build the js bundles for qa
npm run build:qa

# build the js bundles for prod
npm run build:prod

# run api-server
npm run serve
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