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Software Development, General Topics

Title Day #1 (Archive) Twitter (Curator) RSS
Stack Exchange Newsletters - - @stackexchange -
Hacker Newsletter Fri - (A) @hnletter (K. Davis) RSS
Software Lead Weekly Fri 2012-11-23 (A) @orenellenbogen -
perf.email - 2016-10 (A) Karolina Szczur, Ben Schwarz RSS
securitynewsletter.co Fri 2016-12-02 (A) @dietervds RSS
Inside Dev Sat 2017-04-15 (A) Adam Dill -
Better Dev Link Mon 2017-06-05 (A) @kureikain (V. Nguyen) RSS
DiscoverDev - 2017-06-26 (A) - RSS
Resilience Roundup Mon 2018-09-17 (A) @ThaiWoodHere -
Dev Updates Sun 2019-07-21 (A) @vaibhav_khulbe (Vaibhav Khulbe) -

JavaScript & Node.js

Title Day #1 (Archive) Twitter (Curator) RSS
Webdev Newsletter Thu 2002-07 (A23) - (L. L. Carlson) RSS
Smashing Email Newsletter Tue ? (A) @smashingmag (Smashing Editorial) -
JavaScript Weekly Thu 2010-11-12 (A) @javascriptdaily (P. Cooper) RSS
Web Design Weekly Tue 2011-07-02 (A) @wdweekly (J. Bresnehan) RSS
FrontEnd Focus Wed 2011-08-24 (A) @frontenddaily (P. Cooper) RSS
Sitepoint - 2011-11 (A) - -
CSS Weekly Tue 2012-03-26 (A) @CSSWeekly (Z. Jambor) RSS
Web Development Reading List Fri 2013-06-27 (A) - (A. Hannemann) RSS
Web Platform Daily Daily 2013-07-08 @webplatformnews (Š. Vidas) RSS
Web Tools Weekly Fri 2013-07-23 (A) @WebToolsWeekly (L. Lazaris) RSS
Node Weekly Fri 2013-08-29 (A) - (P. Cooper) RSS
Gamedev.js Weekly Fri 2014-01-10 (A) @GamedevJSWeekly (A. Mazur) RSS
node module of the week - 2014-03-04 (A) @nodemotw (Hemanth HM) RSS
Mobile Web Weekly Wed 2014-04-07 (A) @mobilewebdaily (B. Rinaldi, H. Schinski) RSS
Dev Tips - 2015-04-15 (A) @umaar (U. Hansa) -
React.js Newsletter - 2015-12-30 (A) - (T. McGinnis, E. Platter) -
Pony Foo Weekly Thu 2016-03-10 (A) @ponyfoo (N. Bevacqua) RSS
ESNext News Tue 2016-03-10 (A) @ESNextNews (Rauschmayer, Weber) RSS
Node Everywhere - 2016? (A) - RSS
pico stitch Mon 2017-02-28 (A) @wolframkriesing (W. Kriesing) RSS
npm weekly Thu ? (A 2) @npmjs RSS
PWA Tips Tue 2017-04-04 (A) @pwatips (Gokul, Hemanth HM) RSS
Friday Front-end Fri 2017-08-11 (A) - (Kevin Ball) -
JSK Weekly Wed - @JavaScriptKicks RSS
Design Systems Weekly - 2017-09-12 (A) - (J. Lo Russo) -


Title Day #1 (Archive) Twitter (Curator) RSS
Android Weekly Sun 2011-10-28 (A) @androidweekly (G. Grell, M. Gauer, S. Deutsch) RSS
#AndroidDev Digest Wed 2013-10-07 (A) @AndroidDevDgst RSS


Title Day #1 (Archive) Twitter (Curator) RSS
Build Blockchain Sun 2018-06-03 (A) @BenDiFrancesco -


Title Day #1 (Archive) Twitter (Curator) RSS
DevOps Weekly Sun - @garethr RSS
DevOps Newsletter Sun - @serverdensity RSS
Servers for Hackers - 2014-02-25 (A) @srvrsforhackers (C. Fidao) RSS
Web Operations Weekly Wed 2015-02-10 (A) @WebOpsDaily RSS


Title Day #1 (Archive) Twitter (Curator) RSS
PHP Weekly Thu 2013-04-26 (A) @PHPWeeklyNews (K. Eyers) RSS
Laravel Newsletter Sun - @laravelnews (E. L. Barnes) RSS


Title Day #1 (Archive) Twitter (Curator) RSS
dotNET Weekly Tue 2012-05-13 (A) @DotNetWeekly (B. Stavroulakis) RSS


Title Day #1 (Archive) Twitter (Curator) RSS
Ruby Weekly Thu 2010-11-11 (A) @RubyInside (P. Cooper) RSS
Green Ruby News Sun 2013-02-12 (A) @greenrubist RSS
This Week in Rails Sat 2014-03-14 (A) - RSS

Halted Newsletters



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