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Webpack plugin for versioning bundles and chunks with the hash of the last Git commit

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This is a Webpack plugin for versioning output.filename and output.chunkFilename using the hash of the last Git commit before Webpack runs. This allows you to add unique versions to the filenames of compiled bundles and chunks so they don't get cached forever on your CDN.


Webpack already gives you the [hash] placeholder, which serves exactly this purpose. This plugin has a couple advantages:

  1. Using the Git hash in the filename allows you to very quickly pinpoint where in the commit history to look for any issues you encounter on a production site.
  2. The plugin can automatically delete old versions of the files it affects. Depending on how you manage static assets, this might be useful.
  3. You can specify the length of the hash. If you have some crazy restriction on the number of characters in your file names, maybe this will help.


Use the placeholder [githash] in your config.

var WebpackGitHash = require('webpack-git-hash');

module.exports = {
	output: {
		filename: 'bundle.[githash].js',
		chunkFilename: '[name]-chunk.[githash].js'
	plugins: [
		new WebpackGitHash()


You can pass these options when you instantiate the plugin in your plugins array:


Defaults to [githash]. Pass another string to use as the placeholder in filenames.


Defaults to false. Pass true to delete old versions after Webpack is finished. This works by searching for files in the output directory that match the same pattern as the files that were just compiled, except for the hash. Note the the number of characters in the hash must match. For example:

bundle.gha3k8d.js -> the newly compiled bundle
bundle.lk8adsm.js -> would be deleted
bundle.987aas880m.js -> would *NOT* be deleted


Optional callback function that runs on Webpack's done step. It receives three arguments:

  1. hash The hash used as the latest version by the plugin (not Webpack's [hash]).
  2. deletedFiles Array of any filenames (without path) deleted during cleanup; this might be an empty array.
  3. stats Webpack stats object from the latest compilation


Defaults to hash of most recent Git commit on the current branch. This is the unique string that will be used as the version identifier, and will be "skipped" if the plugin is set to delete old versions when Webpack is finished. See cleanup above.


Defaults to 7 characters, which is Git's default for a "short" hash. hashLength can be specified only when skipHash is not specified. If skipHash is specified, then hashLength is set to the number of characters in skipHash.


Defaults to output.path in your Webpack config. You can change that here though; an absolute path is recommended since that's what Webpack tends to use.


If you use the cleanup option to delete old verions, the plugin attempts to create regular expressions to match the filenames, based on the original Webpack config. For instance:

[name]-chunk.[githash].min.js -> the config's output.chunkFilename
abcd123 -> the latest Git hash
/\w+-chunk\.(?!abcd123)\w{7}\.min\.js/ -> the default regex
global-chunk.1234abc.min.js -> this would be deleted

If the default regex isn't working for you, you can specify a new RegExp in regex.filename and/or regex.chunkFilename. Note that there's not (yet) a way to dynamically skip the current Git hash (the (?!abcd123) part in the example). So if you use this option, you'll need to use the skipHash option also.

Post-compilation updates

Here's a simple example of how to use the callback option to edit a <script> tag to load the load the latest versionof a file.

module.exports = {
	plugins: [
		new WebpackGitHash({
			cleanup: true,
			callback: function(versionHash) {
				var indexHtml = fs.readFileSync('./index.html', 'utf8');
				indexHtml = indexHtml.replace(/src="\/static\/app-bundle\.\w+\.js/, 'src="/static/app-bundle.' + versionHash + '.js');
				fs.writeFileSync('./index.html', indexHtml);
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