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The TPLink WiFi Pineapple's web-interface

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Pineapple Web-Interface

Everyone should be aware of what the WiFi Pineapple is, if not please visit the following URLs:
  • http://www.hak5.org
  • http://wifipineapple.com

This Project

The Pineapple's originally cost approximately $200+(USD) recently the price has dropped to a more affordable $100(USD). This is Pentura's take on forking the project to build an even cheaper clone, for University Undergraduates / Researchers with a limited budget. With a maximum target of $50(USD), we set up to build an alternative model.

Our Solution:

  • TPLink WR703N - $20(USD)
  • USB Flash Cruzer - $10(USD)
Additional file ouside of the web-interface can be found at: https://github.com/PenturaLabs/Pineapple-Confs.

This repository contains the forked web-interface, originally from Sebkinne.

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