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Port of the networked real-time multi-player 2D maze war BSD game "Hunt" to Google App Engine and modern web browsers

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#Web Hunt Port of the real-time multiplayer 2D maze war BSD game "Hunt" to Google App Engine and modern web browsers.


Moderately complex multiplayer real-time web and mobile games require a mix of stateless and stateful components to deal with managing game state, load balancing, scaling, matchmaking, statistics gathering, monitoring, analytics, and more.

This project implements one such design and architecture for modernizing the retro terminal based real-time multiplayer 1980's BSD game, "Hunt" and running in Google App Engine (GAE) Platform as a Service.

It includes the entire client and server side applications, from the Javascript Single Page App running in a browser, to the stateless serving infrastructure running in the GAE Standard Environment, a stateful game engine in the GAE Flexible environment. Memcache, Datastore, Cloud Pub-Sub, Cron, and Metadata services are utilized as architectural components.


  • Client: HTML / Javascript
  • Frontend: Golang application for App Engine Standard
  • Backend: Game engine (Original Hunt daemon & Golang instance manager) in App Engine Flex


  • All Google authored code is covered by the license detailed in the LICENSE file at the top of the tree.
  • This repository also contains code covered by other licenses. All such code can be found within the "third_party" directory tree.

##Installation ###Prerequisites

###Build and Deploy

  • Using the Google Cloud Platform dashboard, go to the Projects page and create a new project.
    Make note of the name assigned to the new project.

  • From the root of the web-bsd-hunt directory, build and deploy the project by executing the command:

    make PROJECT=<project-name> build deploy

    Where <project-name> is the name given to the Google Platform project created in the previous step.

  • Once the build and deployment finishes, you can view the application in a web browser using the following URL:


  • This is not an official Google product.
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