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Cloudflare WARP Installer

A Bash script that automatically installs and configures CloudFlare WARP in Linux, connects to WARP networks with WARP official client or WireGuard.


  • Automatically install CloudFlare WARP Official Linux Client
  • Quickly enable WARP Proxy Mode, access WARP network with SOCKS5
  • Automatically install WireGuard related components
  • Configuration WARP IPv4 Network interface (with WireGuard)
  • Configuration WARP IPv6 Network interface (with WireGuard)
  • Configuration WARP Dual Stack Network interface (with WireGuard)
  • ...


These are the requirements for WireGuard, see the official page for the CloudFlare WARP client requirements.

Supported distributions:

  • Debian >= 10
  • Ubuntu >= 16.04
  • Fedora
  • CentOS
  • Oracle Linux
  • Arch Linux
  • Other similar distributions

Supported platform architecture:

  • x86(i386)
  • x86_64(amd64)
  • ARMv8(aarch64)
  • ARMv7(armhf)


bash <(curl -fsSL git.io/warp.sh) [SUBCOMMAND]
# or
wget git.io/warp.sh
bash warp.sh [SUBCOMMAND]


install         Install Cloudflare WARP Official Linux Client
uninstall       uninstall Cloudflare WARP Official Linux Client
restart         Restart Cloudflare WARP Official Linux Client
proxy           Enable WARP Client Proxy Mode (default SOCKS5 port: 40000)
unproxy         Disable WARP Client Proxy Mode
wg              Install WireGuard and related components
wg4             Configuration WARP IPv4 Global Network (with WireGuard), all IPv4 outbound data over the WARP network
wg6             Configuration WARP IPv6 Global Network (with WireGuard), all IPv6 outbound data over the WARP network
wgd             Configuration WARP Dual Stack Global Network (with WireGuard), all outbound data over the WARP network
wgx             Configuration WARP Non-Global Network (with WireGuard), set fwmark or interface IP Address to use the WARP network
rwg             Restart WARP WireGuard service
dwg             Disable WARP WireGuard service
status          Prints status information
version         Prints version information
help            Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
menu            Chinese special features menu


  • Install and automatically configure the Proxy Mode feature of the WARP client, enable the local loopback port 40000, and use an application that supports SOCKS5 to connect to this port.

    bash <(curl -fsSL git.io/warp.sh) proxy
  • Install and automatically configure WARP IPv6 Network (with WireGuard),Giving your Linux server access to IPv6 networks.

    bash <(curl -fsSL git.io/warp.sh) wg6
  • This Bash script is also a good WireGuard installer.

    bash <(curl -fsSL git.io/warp.sh) wg




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