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The ctypes-based simple ImageMagick binding for Python

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Wand is a ctypes-based simple ImageMagick_ binding for Python, supporting 2.7, 3.3+, and PyPy. All functionalities of MagickWand API are implemented in Wand.

You can install the package from PyPI_ by using pip:

.. code-block:: console

$ pip install Wand

Or would you like to enjoy the bleeding edge? Check out the head revision of the source code from the GitHub repository__:

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$ git clone git://github.com/emcconville/wand.git $ cd wand/ $ python setup.py install

.. _Wand: http://wand-py.org/ .. _ImageMagick: https://www.imagemagick.org/ .. _PyPI: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Wand __ https://github.com/emcconville/wand


Recent version https://docs.wand-py.org/

Development version https://docs.wand-py.org/en/latest/

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Website http://wand-py.org/

GitHub https://github.com/emcconville/wand

Package Index (Cheeseshop) https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Wand

.. image:: https://badge.fury.io/py/Wand.svg? :alt: Latest PyPI version :target: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/Wand

Discord https://discord.gg/wtDWDE9fXK

Stack Overflow tag (Q&A) http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/wand

Continuous Integration (Travis CI) https://app.travis-ci.com/emcconville/wand

.. image:: https://app.travis-ci.com/emcconville/wand.svg?branch=master :alt: Build Status :target: https://app.travis-ci.com/emcconville/wand

Continuous Integration (GitHub Actions) https://github.com/emcconville/wand/actions

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Code Coverage https://coveralls.io/r/emcconville/wand

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