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Wally is a fast and efficient wallpaper application for Android

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Wally is a fast and efficient open source wallpaper application for Android.

Wally gets its source of images from Wallhaven. By scraping the website, it provides the user with a fast and smooth experience filled with subtle animations and a minimal design. The main goal of Wally is to provide the same functionality as the website but in a more mobile friendly way.


Wally is a gradle project built with Android Studio 0.8.x. To get started, import the project in Android Studio by choosing the build.gradle located in the root folder.

However, you might notice that it won't build right away. This is because you have to provide it with/generate your own release- and debug keystore. The debug keystore can be generated the same way as a release keystore. Put the release- and debug keystore files in a directory of your choice and reference them in a local.properties file in the root folder of this project.


Wally is divided into multiple modules; Models, Data Provider, and the main module Wally (UI). This architecture allows a project to more easily expand to other platforms (e.g. Android Wear or Android Auto).


Apache 2.0 where applicable. See LICENSE file for details.


Pull requests are welcome!


  • All alpha testers.
  • Everyone who has contributed ideas and reported issues!


Freddie Lust-Hed - @musenkishi


This is not an official Wallhaven product.

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