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Vulkan Samples

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Vulkan Samples

  • This repository is a collection of Vulkan C++ sample applications.
  • These samples were developed in the early days of Vulkan and are no longer enhanced or maintained. Refer to the KhronosGroup/Vulkan-Samples repository for newer samples that are enhanced and maintained.
  • Run the following script to obtain a short description of all or a specific sample: $ API-Samples/
  • Run the following script to obtain a more detailed description of all samples with a long description set: $ API-Samples/

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Vulkan Samples

  • The Vulkan Samples repo is a set of source and data files in a specific directory hierarchy:
    • API-Samples - Samples that demonstrate the use of various aspects of the Vulkan API
    • Vulkan Tutorial - Steps you through the process of creating a simple Vulkan application, learning the basics along the way. This Vulkan Tutorial link allows you to view the Vulkan Tutorial on LunarXchange as well.
    • Sample-Programs - Samples that are more functional and go deeper than simple API use.

Sample progression

  • In general, the samples are not interrelated, but there is a progression among some of the samples that lead to drawing a cube. Start with the instance sample, then enumerate-adv, device, initcommandbuffer, initswapchain, initdepthbuffer, inituniformbuffer, descriptor_pipeline_layouts, initrenderpass, initshaders, initframebuffers, vertexbuffer, allocdescriptorsets, initpipeline, and they culminate in the drawcube sample. Each sample uses utility routines from the code from previous samples to get to the point to show something new. The drawtexturedcube sample takes all of the drawcube code and adds texturing.


Refer to the README.contrib file for specific info regarding contributing to the Vulkan samples creation effort.

Contact Information

Information for Developing or Contributing:

Please see the file in this repository for more details.

How to Build and Run Includes directions for building all components as well as running validation tests and demo applications.

Version Tagging Scheme

Updates to the LunarG-VulkanSamples repository which correspond to a new Vulkan specification release are tagged using the following format: v<version> (e.g., v1.1.96).

Note: Marked version releases have undergone thorough testing but do not imply the same quality level as SDK tags. SDK tags follow the sdk-<version>.<patch> format (e.g., sdk-

This scheme was adopted following the 1.1.96 Vulkan specification release.


This work is released as open source under a Apache-style license. See LICENSE.txt for full license.

See COPYRIGHT.txt for a full list of licenses used in this repository.


While this project has been developed primarily by LunarG, Inc., there are many other companies and individuals making this possible: Valve Corporation, funding project development; Google providing significant contributions to the samples.

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