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DatetimePicker component for Vuetify.js.

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DatetimePicker component for Vuetify.js.

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npm install --save vuetify-datetime-picker


yarn add vuetify-datetime-picker
import Vue from 'vue'
import DatetimePicker from 'vuetify-datetime-picker'
// (Optional) import 'vuetify-datetime-picker/src/stylus/main.styl'


If use the main.styl, you should configure the stylus-loader in webpack.config.js, or just ignore this style sheet.


Once installed, it can be used in a template as simply as:

<v-datetime-picker label="Select Datetime" v-model="datetime"> </v-datetime-picker>


Name Type Default Value Description
datetime (model) Date/String Time picker model.
disabled Boolean false Input is disabled.
loading Boolean false Input is loading.
label string Sets input label.
dialogWidth Number 340 The width of the dialog.
dateFormat string yyyy-MM-dd Defines the format of a date.
timeFormat string HH:mm Defines the format of a time.
clearText string CLEAR Sets the text of the clear button.
okText string OK Sets the text of the ok button.
textFieldProps Object Text fields properties. See Vuetify Docs
datePickerProps Object Date pickers properties.See Vuetify Docs
timePickerProps Object Time pickers properties.See Vuetify Docs


Name Arguments Description
input value (Date/String) The updated bound model


Name Description
dateIcon Slot to put custom icon in the date tab.
timeIcon Slot to put custom icon in the time tab.
actions Slot to put custom buttons in the dialog.
progress Slot for custom progress linear (displayed when loading prop is not equal to Boolean False)
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