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:pizza: Example Vue 2 Project (a scalable Single Page App using Vue-cli, VueRouter, Vuex and more)

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:pizza: Vue Pizza

A tasty Vue.js starter project. Clone, remove vue-pizza everywhere, and add your own features. Also, read through the wiki.



A lot of starter projects or examples of Vue.js in the wild were:

  • Outdated.
  • No tutorial or wiki.
  • Involved unneccesary, complex, server-side-rendering/NUXT setups (this project is for authenticated, no SEO needed, static/cacheable apps that communicate to a backend server API).
  • Not comprehensive and didn't cover most of the elements necessary for real world apps.
  • This project was started from the latest official Vue-cli PWA template and built up from there.


Visit the Github wiki tab here to learn everything you need to know about how this starter project was built (which allows you to learn and rebuild this project from scratch if you want).


Very simple. See the Installation section in wiki.

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