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This repository is an example of using the vue-cordova package. You may use this code to test your dev environment or get inspiration to implement vue-cordova in your Vue-based mobile app.

This example features VueJS 2.x. For 1.x versions, check the vue1.x branch of this repository.


Install NPM dependencies and build static files

npm install

Test in iOS

npm run ios

Test in Android

npm run android

Test in browser

npm run browser

Testing in the browser only allows you to test a very few plugins as Cordova emulates poorly most plugins in the browsers. This can still be useful to tweak the demo app quickly (hot reloading, yay!), instead of building the script files each time you want to preview your changes.

Thanks to barryvdh for implementing this feature.

Test in other platforms

This demo should work on any platform.

It has been tested on OSX only, to build an iOS app. Please let me know how it did for you on your setup.


If you can't access the demo chances are you don't meet Cordova requirements, check them by typing :

npm run check
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