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VirusTotal Notification Puller

To run without Cuckoo submission and just indexing into ES:

python vt_notification_pull.py

This queries VirusTotal Intelligence's notification API using the VirusTotal API key entered in the configuration file. This API key receives notifications for hunting rulesets that are either owned or shared to him either directly or indirectly (such as a ruleset being shared to a group that the user is a member of).

To run with Cuckoo submission support:

python vt_notification_pull.py -c

NOTE: This functionality leverages the provided VirusTotal API key to download the file using VT's private API. This API call will use up a download for every notification processed. If you are not sure of your current subscription level you should check before using this option. This function could be easily replaced if you have another API or method of obtaining malware binaries.

For the Kibana visualizations to work please use Cuckoo 2.0 dev branch with this Pull Request https://github.com/cuckoosandbox/cuckoo/pull/968


virustotal.cfg is the configuration file and will need to be configured at a minimum with the following options:

index: The Elasticsearch index to store virustotal notifications
vt_api_key: Your VirusTotal intelligence API key
es_url: The Elasticsearch URL such as http://localhost:9200

Optional configuration options

es_username = Username for Elasticsearch instance if needed
es_password = Password for Elasticsearch instance if needed
cuckoo_username = Username for Cuckoo API if needed
cuckoo_password = Password for Cuckoo API if needed
cuckoo_url = URL including port for the Cuckoo API needed for Cuckoo analysis
cuckoo_machine = Cuckoo machine label to send notifications too


The kibana folder has dashboards, saved searches, and visualizations that you can pull into your own Kibana instance. The dashboard included is shown below which shows many of the visualizations as well.

Sample Dashboard


The code is licensed under GPLv3. If this license is restricting your use of the code please contact me.

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