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Solarized is a color scheme created by Ethan Schoonover. There are versions for pretty much every editor out there, this is the one to get for VS Code.

Solarized for VS Code

This version of Solarized is based on Braver's popular Solarized for Sublime Text 3. It features subtle shades for selections and guides, and has the most complete and detailed language support of all Solarized adaptations.

Theme Versions

There are four versions included. "Braver's Solarized Light" and "Braver's Solarized Dark" theme the editor, but keep the standard VSCode dark and light themes for the workbench, respectively. "Braver's Solarized Light (themed workbench)" and "Braver's Solarized Dark (themed workbench)" use the same editor theme, but use the workbench themes provided by the default VSCode solarized themes.

Thank You to...

sdras on Github for the folder of demos in their Night Owl theme that make testing so much easier

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