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Adds playful pets ??? in your VS Code window

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VS Code Pets


Puts a small, bored cat, an enthusiastic dog, a feisty snake, a rubber duck, or Clippy ? in your code editor.

Visual Studio Marketplace Version

Run the "Start pet coding session" action to see the panel.



Get from the VS Code marketplace

Showing your pet

Run the "Start pet coding session" command (vscode-pets.start)

Configuring your pet

You can choose either pet type and pet color:


  • Snake can only be green
  • Rubber duck & Zappy can only be yellow
  • Ferris the crab can only be red
  • Rocky can only be gray


Pets will interact with you


Throwing a ball

Play catch with your pet! Run the "Throw ball" command (vscode-pets.throw-ball).

  • Rocky will not run & catch a ball. Have you ever seen a rock run after a ball? Neither have we.


Adding extra pets

Run the "Spawn additional pet" command (vscode-pets.spawn-pet) and select the pet type and color.

Extra pets will not persist between closing and restarting VS Code.

Removing pets

You can remove all pets (except the 1 configured) by running the "Remove all pets" command (vscode-pets.delete-pets) from the command pallette.

You can remove specific pets by running the "Remove pet" command (vscode-pets.delete-pet) from the command pallette.


Configure vscode-pets.theme to "forest" and let your pets play in a spooky forest.


Set vscode-pets.theme to "castle" for them to roam the ramparts!


More options

From the VSCode preferences, search for vscode-pets for more options. In particular you can move the panel to the sidebar, or change the pet type and theme.


Ideas and discussion

Have an awesome idea for a new feature? Please open an issue describing your idea! You can also help by reviewing some of the existing ideas and leaving your opinion.

Reporting bugs

Something is not working as it should? Please open an issue giving as much information as you can.

Write code

Want to contribute to vscode-pets? Feel free to fork the repository and submit a pull request.

Testing the changes

  • Run npm install.
  • Run npm run compile.
  • Go to the debug panel on sidebar and launch the development version with the extension loaded (first option in the debug profiles).


The cat and dog media assets for this extension were licensed from itch.io.

Marc Duiker created the Clippy, Rocky, Zappy, rubber duck, snake, cockatiel, and Ferris the crab media assets.

Karen Rustad Tölva designed the original concept of Ferris the crab.

Thank you

Thanks to all the contributors to this project:

  • @marcduiker
  • @Vicente015
  • @Yukaii
  • @robconery
  • @JING1201
  • @aclaughan
  • @Tarang74
  • @Harry-Hopkinson
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