VS2017OfflineSetupUtility Versions Save

This utility allow downloading offline setup or deletion of old version Visual Studio 2017/2019/2022 Offline Setup files and folder


1 year ago
  • Upgraded to .Net7
  • Reduced number of user clicks.
  • Replaced WebClient with HttpClient (Let me know by creating a GitHub issue, if this breaks application when there is WebProxy).
  • Minor code refactoring.

1 year ago

Release Notes:

  • Upgraded Newtonsoft.Json version
  • Added new cleanup command which deletes old version files and folders using CLI --clean parameter

Issues Fixed

  • #15 #11 (Use new delete button in cleanup util page/screen which does a better job of cleanup)

Note* for users using this tool several times. Application creates '.bat' file which can be reused for a new system without installing .msi

  1. .bat file for cleanup using the new delete command can be found in the selected folder with the name "CleanupCommand.bat".
  2. .bat file for downloading Visual Studio can be found in the selected folder "Setup"\CliCommand.bat

2 years ago

VS2017/2019/2022 Offline Setup Utility 1.4.1 (.Net Core 3.1) Latest Build with .Net Core 3.1

Added support for Visual Studio 2022 Updated Nuget Package "Newtonsoft.Json" to latest Version "13.0.1"

Option 1: Download "VS2017 2019 2022 Offline Setup Utility.msi" setup and run it to install "VS2017OfflineSetupUtility.exe" application on your PC and run application.

Option 2: If setup/installer does not work, you can directly run application "VS2017OfflineSetupUtility.exe" from folder "VS2017_2019_2022_OfflineSetupUtility.executable..zip", If prompted with error .Net Core 3.1 runtime not found on your system, You can download latest ".NET Desktop Runtime 3.1.x" from Microsoft official website 'https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet/3.1" and try running executable again.


4 years ago

Upgraded to .Net Core 3.1

Upgraded packages.config Removed dependency on WindowsAPICodePack


4 years ago
  • Added support for Visual Studio 2019
  • Fixed bug "Offline Clean Util Problem #7"


5 years ago

What's new:

  • Fixed issue, workload component are not visible due to change in URL.
  • Also updated VS2017.Offline.Setup.Utility.msi and release folder exe files.


5 years ago
  • Added Proxy support as per Issue #6 .
  • Fixed Issue #5 .


5 years ago
  • Merged feature to preserve last selected folder.
  • Added Archive folder to Old Version Module List for deletion.
  • Added Potential fix for Old Version Module List still show old files which were deleted when navigated back and forth -Removed Prism dependency. As this application is too small to make a complete use of Prism. -Updated current release to handle exception.


6 years ago
  • Added new feature to download VS2017 offline setup files and folder.
  • Select folder of your choice where you want to download VS2017 offline setup files and customise workload as per your requirements.
  • If no checkbox is selected in workload, all components and package will be download.
  • CLI command which will be executed by application will be visible and its executed in command prompt.
  • If you want to update a previously download setup using this tool, you can run "{YourSelectedFolderPath}\Setup\CliCommand.bat"


6 years ago

This version of application contain new UI and setup can be downloaded. Vs2017 Offline Setup Utility 1.0.0 allow deletion of old version Visual Studio 2017 Offline Setup files and folder.