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A Collection of Ansible Playbook for deploy vpn services

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A collection of Ansible Playbooks to deploy VPN and proxy services.


How to use

  1. [sudo] pip install ansible install Ansible in control machine
  2. ansible-galaxy install --force -r requirements.yml install / update some third party roles .
  3. cp ansible_hosts{.example,} copy ansible_hosts.example to ansible_hosts
  4. edit the file to add your servers
  5. edit files in group_vars or create and edit host_vars/SERVER_NAME.yml to fit your needs
  6. run ansible-playbook PLAYBOOK_NAME.yml to setup servers

There are also some guides (in Chinese) in the Wiki



Simply clone this repo and make sure you have Vagrant + Virtual Box installed and...

vagrant up ubuntu --no-provision
vagrant provision ubuntu

It may take about 10 ~ 60 minutes depends on your network. Vagrant is using Ubuntu 14.04 (ubuntu/trusty64) for it's OS. If you'd like to test on Debian Wheezy:

vagrant up debian --no-provision
vagrant provision debian


Support this project and others by ftao via gratipay.

Support via Gratipay

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