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OAS-driven Frondend-NoCode Administration Console

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OAS-driven Frontend-NoCode Administration Console

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What is Viron

Viron is a web-based administration tool, which

  • is based on and leverages OpenAPI Specification,
  • offers Frontend-Node console with fine-tuned GUI,
  • and is an Open-Source Software.

Viron enables you to eliminate all the Frontend-matter tasks when administrating your API servers.

The Idea

OpenAPI Specification, a.k.a. OAS, is a YAML or JSON file that defines an interface to a set of RESTful APIs. By interpreting an OAS document, the readers understand things such as:

  • The overall idea for the APIs.
  • How to call a particular API.
  • How to construct request payloads.
  • What type of schema do the APIs return.
  • The ways to authenticate.
  • And much more.

Viron evaluates and leverages OAS documents, interprets those above, and then constructs a GUI for you.

Viron is For Those Who:

  • have a RESTful administration API server.
  • do not have time to make an administration website from scratch.
  • have good knowledge of OpenAPI Specification.

Viron is NOT For Those Who:

  • require a complex administration website that an OAS document can not define.
  • have a GraphQL administration API server.

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