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This project was born from a point where me and my development team got really frustrated about the lack of fast Ruby IDE's. In the search towards a fast and advanced editor we found Vim (with the right configuration) capable of being fast like Sublime Text and provide us with the nice features an IDE provides like Code Completion and GIT support. This repo should provide you with a nice Kickstart-Vim-Configuration you can build on.

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Quick Start

  1. Clone this repo in your home folder which will create ~/vimkickstart.
git clone [email protected]:danema/vimkickstart.git
  1. Install Vundle (VIM plugin manager)
git clone ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
  1. Create symbolic links to the repo
if [ -f "$HOME/.vimrc" ]; then mv .vimrc .vimrc.bck && ln -s vimkickstart/.vimrc; else ln -s vimkickstart/.vimrc; fi; if [ -d "$HOME/.vim" ]; then mv .vim vimkickstart/ && ln -s vimkickstart/.vim; else ln -s vimkickstart/.vim; fi
  1. Install the latest version of Vim
brew update && brew install vim --with-override-system-vi
  1. Install Vim Plugins
vim +PluginInstall +qall
  1. Complete Solarized installation
cp ~/.vim/bundle/vim-colors-solarized/colors/solarized.vim ~/.vim/colors/
  1. Install Silver Searcher
brew install the_silver_searcher
  1. Install Cmake (Required for Code Completion)
brew install cmake
  1. Compile YCM (Required for Code Completion)
cd ~/.vim/bundle/YouCompleteMe
  1. Install eclim to get Code Completion from Eclipse (optional)
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