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A vim plugin wrapper for prettier, pre-configured with custom default prettier settings.

NOTE: If you want to fallback to older version of prettier/vim-prettier please add this to your .vimrc:

Plug 'prettier/vim-prettier', {
  \ 'do': 'yarn install --frozen-lockfile --production',
  \ 'branch': 'release/0.x'
  \ }

By default it will auto format javascript, typescript, less, scss, css, json, graphql and markdown files if they have/support the "@format" pragma annotation in the header of the file.



To install with vim 8+ plugins, simply clone to your ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start directory, and add packloadall to your .vimrc (if you haven't already).

mkdir -p ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start
git clone ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/vim-prettier



Install with vim-plug, assumes node and yarn|npm installed globally.

" post install (yarn install | npm install) then load plugin only for editing supported files
Plug 'prettier/vim-prettier', {
  \ 'do': 'yarn install --frozen-lockfile --production',
  \ 'for': ['javascript', 'typescript', 'css', 'less', 'scss', 'json', 'graphql', 'markdown', 'vue', 'svelte', 'yaml', 'html'] }

or simply enable for all formats by:

" post install (yarn install | npm install) then load plugin only for editing supported files
Plug 'prettier/vim-prettier', { 'do': 'yarn install --frozen-lockfile --production' }

For those using vim-pathogen, you can run the following in a terminal:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone

If using dein, add the following to your dein config:

call dein#add('prettier/vim-prettier', {'build': 'npm install'})

If using other vim plugin managers or doing manual setup make sure to have prettier installed globally or go to your vim-prettier directory and either do npm install or yarn install --frozen-lockfile

Prettier Executable resolution

When installed via vim-plug, a default prettier executable is installed inside vim-prettier.

vim-prettier executable resolution:

  1. Look for user defined prettier cli path from vim configuration file
  2. Traverse parents and search for Prettier installation inside node_modules
  3. Look for a global prettier installation
  4. Use locally installed vim-prettier prettier executable

Prettier Stylelint

To use an alternative command, like prettier-stylelint, set this at the buffer level, e.g.:

au FileType css,scss let b:prettier_exec_cmd = "prettier-stylelint"

vim-prettier will look for the executable in the same places it looks for prettier, and will fall back to prettier if it can't find b:prettier_exec_cmd


Prettier by default will run on auto save but can also be manually triggered by:




If your are on vim 8+ you can also trigger async formatting by:


You can send to prettier your entire buffer but ensure that it formats only your selection.

note: differs from :PrettierFragment by sending the entire buffer to prettier, allowing identation level to be preserved, but it requires the whole file to be valid.


You can send to prettier your current selection as a fragment of same type as the file being edited.

note: differs from :PrettierPartial by sending only the current selection to prettier, this allows for faster formatting but wont preserve indentation.


You can check what is the vim-prettier plugin version by:


You can send commands to the resolved prettier cli by:

:PrettierCli <q-args>

You can check what is the resolved prettier cli path by:


You can check what is the resolved prettier cli version by:



Change the mapping to run from the default of <Leader>p

nmap <Leader>py <Plug>(Prettier)

Enable auto formatting of files that have "@format" or "@prettier" tag

let g:prettier#autoformat = 1

Allow auto formatting for files without "@format" or "@prettier" tag

let g:prettier#autoformat_require_pragma = 0

NOTE The previous two options can be used together for autoformatting files on save without @format or @prettier tags

let g:prettier#autoformat = 1
let g:prettier#autoformat_require_pragma = 0

Toggle the g:prettier#autoformat setting based on whether a config file can be found in the current directory or any parent directory. Note that this will override the g:prettier#autoformat setting!

let g:prettier#autoformat_config_present = 1

A list containing all config file names to search for when using the g:prettier#autoformat_config_present option.

let g:prettier#autoformat_config_files = [...]

Set the prettier CLI executable path

let g:prettier#exec_cmd_path = "~/path/to/cli/prettier"

The command :Prettier by default is synchronous but can also be forced async

let g:prettier#exec_cmd_async = 1

By default parsing errors will open the quickfix but can also be disabled

let g:prettier#quickfix_enabled = 0

By default selection formatting will be running :PrettierFragment but we can set :PrettierPartial as the default selection formatting by:

let g:prettier#partial_format=1

By default we auto focus on the quickfix when there are errors but can also be disabled

let g:prettier#quickfix_auto_focus = 0

To run vim-prettier not only before saving, but also after changing text or leaving insert mode:

" when running at every change you may want to disable quickfix
let g:prettier#quickfix_enabled = 0

autocmd TextChanged,InsertLeave *.js,*.jsx,*.mjs,*.ts,*.tsx,*.css,*.less,*.scss,*.json,*.graphql,*.md,*.vue,*.svelte,*.yaml,*.html PrettierAsync

Overwrite default prettier configuration

Note: vim-prettier default settings differ from prettier intentionally. However they can be configured by:

" Max line length that prettier will wrap on: a number or 'auto' (use
" textwidth).
" default: 'auto'
let g:prettier#config#print_width = 'auto'

" number of spaces per indentation level: a number or 'auto' (use
" softtabstop)
" default: 'auto'
let g:prettier#config#tab_width = 'auto'

" use tabs instead of spaces: true, false, or auto (use the expandtab setting).
" default: 'auto'
let g:prettier#config#use_tabs = 'auto'

" flow|babylon|typescript|css|less|scss|json|graphql|markdown or empty string
" (let prettier choose).
" default: ''
let g:prettier#config#parser = ''

" cli-override|file-override|prefer-file
" default: 'file-override'
let g:prettier#config#config_precedence = 'file-override'

" always|never|preserve
" default: 'preserve'
let g:prettier#config#prose_wrap = 'preserve'

" css|strict|ignore
" default: 'css'
let g:prettier#config#html_whitespace_sensitivity = 'css'

" false|true
" default: 'false'
let g:prettier#config#require_pragma = 'false'

" Define the flavor of line endings
" lf|crlf|cr|all
" defaut: 'lf'
let g:prettier#config#end_of_line = get(g:, 'prettier#config#end_of_line', 'lf')


If the prettier executable can't be found by Vim, no code formatting will happen

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