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It's the colorscheme we set that defines us. — (Batman)

Gotham is a very dark vim colorscheme. It works on GUI vim (MacVim or gVim) and on terminal vim. For terminal vim, there's support for a lot of terminal emulators in the gotham-contrib repository.

Screenshot of the color scheme


I moved to vim-plug a while ago and never looked back. Anyway, you can install Gotham with whatever package manager you use. For example:

" vim-plug
Plug 'whatyouhide/vim-gotham'
" NeoBundle
NeoBundle 'whatyouhide/vim-gotham'
" Vundle
Plugin 'whatyouhide/vim-gotham'
" dein.vim
call dein#add('whatyouhide/vim-gotham')

If you don't use a plugin manager just copy the content of vim/colors/ to ~/.vim/colors.

When you have the plugin installed, you can set it in your vimrc:

colorscheme gotham

Terminal vim and 256 colors version

If you want to use Gotham in terminal vim, you should consider setting Gotham as the colorscheme of your terminal emulator too. See the relevant section.

If you're fine with not-so-faithful colors, a 256 colors version of Gotham is available. To use it, just replace gotham with gotham256 in your vimrc:

colorscheme gotham256

Using gotham256 (given that your terminal supports 256 colors) ensures that the colors in vim are fixed and don't depend on the colorscheme of the terminal emulator.

Please, use the 256 colors version only if you know what you're doing since it looks "rougher" than the regular version.


Gotham supports vim-airline out of the box. When you use the Gotham colorscheme, Airline should be able to pick it up and use it. If you want to set it manually, you can use the AirlineTheme command for both the regular version and the 256 colors version:

:AirlineTheme gotham
:AirlineTheme gotham256

Gotham by default emphasises the usage of insert mode by using a distinctive bright yellow color in the airline mode segment. To change the color used for insert mode to a darker less emphasised color add the following to your vimrc:

let g:gotham_airline_emphasised_insert = 0


Gotham supports lightline.vim too. To enable the colorscheme, add one of the following lines to your .vimrc:

let g:lightline = { 'colorscheme': 'gotham' }
let g:lightline = { 'colorscheme': 'gotham256' }


Gotham is available for other platforms too. If you want terminal vim to look as good as GUI vim, you have to install the Gotham colorscheme for your terminal emulator too.

An up-to-date list of supported platforms as well as installation instructions for each of those platforms are available at the gotham-contrib repository.

There's an Emacs version too, but I don't maintain it.

Color Palette

Color Base Hex Other Colors Hex
Base 0 #0c1014 Red #c23127
Base 1 #11151c Orange #d26937
Base 2 #091f2e Yellow #edb443
Base 3 #0a3749 Magenta #888ca6
Base 4 #245361 Violet #4e5166
Base 5 #599cab Blue #195466
Base 6 #99d1ce Cyan #33859E
Base 7 #d3ebe9 Green #2aa889


All forms of contribution are welcome: bug reports, bug fixes, pull requests and simple suggestions. Thanks!

List of contributors

You can find the list of contributors here.


MIT © 2014 Andrea Leopardi, see the license.

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