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vim-g is a tiny plugin that allows you to perform a quick Google search directly from Vim. It opens a new browser window with results. vim-g uses Perl for url encoding.


Place in ~/.vim/plugin/g.vim or in case of Pathogen:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone

Please, don't forget to star the repository if you like (and use) the plugin. This will let me know how many users it has and then how to proceed with further development :).


To lookup a word (or words) in Google use Google command:

:Google hello
:Google start up

Google command can use a word under the cursor. Just move the cursor to the word and type the same command in the command line:


Additionally, you can select words in the visual mode exactly in the same way. Just select words and type :Google. You can also prepend your selection with more clues:

:Google function
:Google ruby

There is also a special command named Gf to prepend the current file type automatically:

:Googlef strpos
:Googlef function

Moreover, you can use double quotes (") to perform phrase search. Just enclose some words between quotation marks as you type. Also, you don't have to close manually open quotation marks. vim-g will add the missing one itself.


:Google "foo bar"
:Googlef " help substitute
:Google foo bar " something else

What's even more interesting this also works in the visual mode. Therefore, you can perform a strict phrase search on selected words. Just select words and type:

:Google "
:Google "foo bar


There are just a few global variables (options) you may set in the .vimrc file.

  • g:vim_g_open_command

    Sets the command used to open the URL. In case of Ubuntu this would be "xdg-open":

      let g:vim_g_open_command = "xdg-open"
  • g:vim_g_perl_command

    Sets the Perl command. By default it's "perl":

      let g:vim_g_perl_command = "perl"
  • g:vim_g_query_url

    Sets the query URL. By default it points to Google of course, but you might want to place your favorite search engine there:

      let g:vim_g_query_url = ""
  • g:vim_g_command

    Sets the command mapping for vim-g. By default this is Google, but you may want to prefix it to something shorter such as :G or :Go

      let g:vim_g_command = "Go"
  • g:vim_g_f_command

    Sets the command mapping for vim-g's file search function. By default this is Googlef, but you may want to prefix it to something shorter such as :Gf

      let g:vim_g_f_command = "Gf"


Copyright © 2012 Szymon Wrozynski and Contributors. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself.

See :help license

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