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ಠ_ಠ Vim plugin to disapprove deeply indented code. ಠ_ಠ

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This Vim plugin disapproves deeply indented code.

Disapproval in action

By default, it shows ಠ_ಠ at the beginning of each line that is indented at least 5 levels. It can be configured with the following variables (setting them to 0 disables the feature):

let g:LookOfDisapprovalTabThreshold=5
let g:LookOfDisapprovalSpaceThreshold=(&tabstop*5)

Disapproval in action


You can easily install this Plugin with Pathogen or Vundle.

Vim needs to be compiled with +conceal for the face to appear.


The idea came from a comment made by StripTheFlesh in this thread on Reddit:

Just use ಠ_ಠ for indents. It will remind you to not use a lot indentation levels.

How it works

The plugin uses Vim's conceal feature. It does not modify the source code in any way, the disapproving look is just a visual indicator.

Styles for all concealed characters in Vim can be set with a single style rule. This plugin makes them red in order to have a really disapproving look for the eye. If you are using this plugin in conjunction with other plugins that rely on conceal feature (for example, indentLine), you might want to disable this styling:

let g:LookOfDisapprovalNoStyle=1

Conceal depends on modifying the syntax highlighting rules. For some file types and syntax settings, the rules defined in this plugin may conflict with the default rules applied for a filetype, making the look of disapproval appear in the beginning of shallowly indented lines as well.

In the case you encounter this issue, feel free to open an issue. Until it's fixed, you can disable the plugin for the problematic file types with the following command:

autocmd FileType SOME_FILETYPE let g:LookOfDisapprovalTabThreshold=0 | let g:LookOfDisapprovalSpaceThreshold=0
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