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This repository has been superseded by vrunchbang.





CrunchBang (now BunsenLabs) was a lightweight Linux operating system with a sharp modern grey colour scheme.

vim-crunchbang is a Vim (and terminal) theme made of CrunchBang greys and complementary accent colours.

screenshot of vim-crunchbang, a cool grey vim theme


step 1: download the colour scheme

option A: manually

Download the colourscheme file and place in directory ~/.vim/colors/ (Linux/Mac) or %userprofile%\vimfiles\colors\ (Windows).

option B: using a plugin manager

For easy management of Vim colour schemes (and other plugins), try a plugin manager. With vim-plug, for instance, just add Plug 'haystackandroid/vim-crunchbang' to the list of plugins in vimrc, then run PlugUpdate.

step 2: activate the colour scheme

To activate the crunchbang theme, add colorscheme crunchbang to the vimrc file.

For Neovim, add set termguicolors to enable truecolour support.

step 3: configure terminal colours (if using Vim in a terminal)

In order for vim-crunchbang to work properly in terminal Vim, set the terminal's colours to match.

As of now, this repository provides the following terminal configuration files:

  • Xresources file for xterm and urxvt (Linux)
  • .colorscheme file for Konsole and QTerminal (Linux)
  • gsettings 'command blocks' for pantheon-terminal (elementary OS)

For GNOME Terminal, run the install script to create a "profile" for the crunchbang theme. Then select the profile with the right-click menu, or set it as default via Edit > Preferences > Profiles.

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