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Violet Colorscheme

Inspired by Solarized. An attempt to a better-looking Vim. Neat and clean.



  1. ☯️ Dark & Light


    Every colorscheme should have dark and light background modes.

  2. 🚢 Airline Theme


    While using violet colorscheme, the included airline theme should be loaded automatically.

  3. 🚥 Straightaway Switch

    :set background=dark/light This should do the trick.

    Tips: I recommended to throw those lines below into your .vimrc file, then use leader + b to quickly switch between dark & light colorschemes.

    nnoremap <silent> <Leader>b :call ToggleBackground()<CR>
    function! ToggleBackground()
        if &background == "light"
            set background=dark
            set background=light
  4. 📺 256 Color Palette Mode

    Violet colorscheme was primarily created for 24bit truecolor editor (gvim/macvim), and I try my best to make it work in terminal emulators too.

    If you confirm that your terminal emulator supports 24bit truecolor (, use set termguicolors to activate it.

    Attention: There is noticeable difference between 24bit truecolor mode and 256 color palette mode, due to the absence of approximate colors.


If you are using vim-plug:

Plug 'ashfinal/vim-colors-violet'

Then add this into your .vimrc file: colorscheme violet.

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Share your thoughts. :) Any question, file an issue.

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