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Android app for thenewboston educational videos and tutorials.

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###Android App for thenewboston Videos & Tutorials

This is the official Android app for all of thenewboston video tutorials. App includes courses in computer programming, web design, photoshop, game development, and more!

thenewboston Videos on Google Play

####Want to Join the Development Team?

This app was created using thenewboston API which is currently in development. As of now, we are restricting API access to limited users only. You may send me a message if you would like a developer key.

####How to Setup with Android Studio

1 - You first need a developer key for thenewboston's API. This key will identify you as a developer and also allow you to access all video data on our server. To obtain a developer key you can send me a message here.

2 - You will also need a YouTube Android Player API key from Google to allow your app to play YouTube videos. Register for a YouTube Android Player API Key from here

3 - Once you have both keys, copy this link:

4 - From Android Studio, choose the “Check out project from Version Control” option.

5 - Choose “GitHub” and paste in the repository URL. After you have chosen a location to save the project, click the “Clone” button.

6 - Once the project has been downloaded, you will need to add your API keys to these two files.

7 - You can now Build and Run the app!

Thank you to Wu Xiaodong and Eric So for the original development of the app!

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