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VERGE Source Code [XVG]


Specification Value
Protocol PoW (proof of Work)
Algorithms scrypt, x17, Lyra2rev2, myr-groestl, & blake2s
Blocktime 30 seconds
Total Supply 16,500,000,000 XVG
RPC port 20102 (testnet: 21102)
P2P port 21102 (testnet: 21104)
pre-mine N/A


Block Number Range Reward
0 to 14,000 200,000 coins
14,001 to 28,000 100,000 coins
28,001 to 42,000 50,000 coins
42,001 to 210,000 25,000 coins
210,001 to 378,000 12,500 coins
378,001 to 546,000 6,250 coins
546,001 to 714,000 3,125 coins
714,001 to 2,124,000 1,560 coins
2,124,001 to 3,700,000 730 coins
3,700,001 to 4,200,000 400 coins
4,200,001 to 4,700,000 200 coins
4,700,001 to 5,200,000 100 coins
5,200,001 to 5,700,000 50 coins
5,700,001 to 6,200,000 25 coins
6,200,001 to 6,700,000 12.5 coins
6,700,001 to 7,200,000 6.25 coins




Binary (pre-compiled) wallets are available on all platforms at

Note: Important! Only download pre-compiled wallets from the official Verge website or official Github repos.

Note: For a fresh wallet install you can reduce the blockchain syncing time by downloading a nightly snapshot and following the setup instructions.

Windows Wallet Usage

  1. Download the pre-compiled software.

  2. Install

  3. In windows file explorer, open c:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\VERGE (be sure to change XXX to your windows user)

  4. Right click and create a new file verge.txt

  5. Edit the file to have the following contents (be sure to change the password)

  6. Save and close the file

  7. Rename the file to verge.conf

  8. Start the VERGE-qt program.

  9. Open up VERGE-qt console and run getinfo (or getmininginfo) to verify settings.

Note: You must re-start the wallet after making changes to verge.conf.

OS X Wallet

  1. Download the pre-compiled software.
  2. Double click the DMG
  3. Drag the Verge-Qt to your Applications folder
  4. Double click the Verge-Qt application to open it.
  5. Go grab a :coffee: while it syncs with the blockchain

Note: It may look like it is frozen or hung while it is indexing and syncing the blockchain. It's not. It's chugging away, but currently the UI doesn't give you a lot of feedback on status. We're working to fix that. Syncing takes a while to complete (ie. > 10 minutes or more) so just be patient.

Note: If you want to change your configuration the file is located at ~/Library/Application\ Support\VERGE\VERGE.conf. This isn't required by default.

Unix Wallet

  1. Compile using Unix instructions.

  2. The wallet GUI is in ./verge/src/qt and the daemon in ./verge/src.

  3. Optional - the binaries to your favorite location. for use by all users, run the following commands:

    sudo cp src/VERGEd /usr/bin/
    sudo cp src/qt/VERGE-qt /usr/bin/
  4. Run ./VERGEd from wherever you put it. The output from this command will tell you that you need to make a VERGE.conf file and will suggest some good starting values.

  5. Open up your new config file that was created in your home directory in your favorite text editor

    nano ~/.VERGE/VERGE.conf
  6. Paste the output from the VERGEd command into the VERGE.conf like this: (It is recommended to change the password to something unique.)

  7. Save the file and exit your editor. If using nano type ctrl + x on your keyboard and the y and hitting enter. This should have created a VERGE.conf file with what you just added.

  8. Start the Verge daemon again


Note: To check the status of how much of the blockchain has been downloaded (aka synced) type ./path/to/VERGEd getinfo.

Note: If you see something like 'Killed (program cc1plus)' run dmesg to see the error(s)/problems(s). This is most likely caused by running out of resources. You may need to add some RAM or add some swap space.

You can also check out this Linux Wallet Video Tutorial.

Building From Source

Use Unstoppable Domains

To use VERGE with Unstoppable Domains for sending coins using Web3 Domains (know more about Unstoppable Domains here), use this command to start the app "./verge-qt --with-unstoppable".

Developer Notes

The Easy Method:

Note: Sometimes linux user permissions are not set up properly, and causes failed compiling in linux. Please ensure your user has access or do the install from root if these problems arise.

sudo rm -Rf ~/VERGE  #(if you already have it)
sudo apt-get -y install git && cd ~ && git clone && cd VERGE && sh

The slightly longer version:

  1. Install the dependencies. Note: If you are on debian, you will also need to apt-get install libcanberra-gtk-module.

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install \
        libdb4.8-dev libdb4.8++-dev build-essential \
        libtool autotools-dev automake pkg-config libssl-dev libevent-dev \
        bsdmainutils git libboost-all-dev libminiupnpc-dev libqt5gui5 \
        libqt5core5a libqt5dbus5 libevent-dev qttools5-dev \
        qttools5-dev-tools libprotobuf-dev protobuf-compiler libqrencode-dev \
        libseccomp-dev libcap-dev
  2. Clone the git repository and compile the daemon and gui wallet:

    git clone && cd VERGE && ./ && ./configure && make

    If updating from previous version, dont forget to:

    sudo make install

Note: If you get a "memory exhausted" error, make a swap file. (

Mac OS X Wallet

Note: This has only been confirmed to work on OS X Sierra (10.12) and OS X High Sierra (10.13) with XCode 9.2 and Apple LLVM version 9.0.0 (clang-900.0.39.2).

  1. Ensure you have mysql and boost installed.

    brew install mysql boost
  2. Ensure you have python 2.7 installed and in your path (OS X comes with this by default)

    python --version
  3. Export the required environment variables

    export VERGE_PLATFORM='mac'
    export CXX=clang++
    export CC=clang
  4. Run your build commands

  5. Grab a :coffee: and wait it out

  6. Create the .dmg file


Windows Wallet

TODO. Take a look at building/windows.

Docker Images

Check out the contrib/readme for more information.


Solo mining

Instead of joining a mining pool you can use the wallet to mine all by yourself. You need to specify the algorithm (see below) and set the "gen" flag. For instance, in the configuration specify gen=1.

Using different algorithms

To use a specific mining algorithm use the algo switch in your configuration file (.conf file) or from the command line (like this --algo=x17). Here are the possible values:



Here is a list of active testnet nodes:

  • ddvnucmtvyiemiuk.onion (sunerok)
  • uacxdw34wnfybshfjs6hxdfzwkqxs765peu4iyyakqnz2mqyvspubeqd.onion (dedicated testnet)


We believe in keeping Verge free and open. Any donations to help fuel the development effort are greatly appreciated! :smile:

  • Address for donations in Verge (XVG): DDd1pVWr8PPAw1z7DRwoUW6maWh5SsnCcp
  • Address for donations in Bitcoin (BTC): 142r3vCAH3AzABiQjFPmcrSCp6TDzEDuB1

Special Shout Outs

Special thanks to the following people that have helped make Verge possible. :raised_hands:

Sunerok, CryptoRekt, MKinney, BearSylla, Hypermist, Pallas1, FuzzBawls, BuZz, glodfinch, InfernoMan, AhmedBodi, BitSpill, MentalCollatz, ekryski and the entire #VERGE community!

Bug Reporting

If you think you've found a bug or a problem with VERGE, please let us know! First, search our issue tracker to see if someone has already reported the problem. If they haven't, open a new issue, and fill out the template with as much information as possible. The more you can tell us about the problem and how it occurred, the more likely we are to fix it.

Please do not report security vulnerabilities publicly.

How to report a bug

Code issues

Since we are a 100% open-source project we strongly prefer if you create a pull-request on Github in the proper repository with the necessary fix.

Alternatively, if you would like to make a suggestion regarding a potential fix please send an email to [email protected]

Contact the developers privately by sending an e-mail to [email protected] with the details of the issue. Do not post the issue on github or anywhere else until the issue has been resolved.

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