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Slimmed down version of Vanadium that is focused on its RPC and security system.

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Vanadium Core

An easy-to-use secure RPC system with flexible service discovery. See the Vanadium for more details, remembering that this repository implements RPC, security and naming; it does not provide support for mobile development nor for syncbase as described at The tutorials on 'Client/Server Basics', 'Security' and 'Naming' are all still current whereas the ones on 'Syncbase' and 'Java' will no longer work directly.

Developing Using Vanadium Core

Vanadium Core is a go module named and hence packages are imported as (eg. even though the source code repository is hosted on github.

The associated Vanadium Library ( is available on github.

Either can be used directly as go modules.

A single environment variable VDLPATH is required to run the go tests that use the VDL language and code generation; it should be set to the directory that contains the go.mod for Vanadium Core. Note, that this is only required for running the VDL code generator and that Vanadium applications do not require VDLPATH for their correct operation.

Using Vanadium Commands and Services

All Vanadium Core commands and services can be run using regular go toolchain commands, eg: go run --help.

Installation Steps For Contributors

git clone
export VDLPATH=$(pwd)/core
cd core
make test test-integration

Vanadium Core is capable of using optionally using openssl for various low level cyrographic operations; this is purely optionaly and is not required for correct or performant operation. It's primarily intended to demonstrate interoperability and to take advantage of more optimized implementations on some systems.

To use openssl a build tag is required (--tag=openssl) and the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable must be set. For example on an a MacOS system using brew:

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="$(brew --prefix openssl)/lib/pkgconfig"

Note that openssl version 3 and above is required.

There is an integration test for openssl support: make test-openssl-integration.

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