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Vaadin CDI

This is the official CDI integration for Vaadin Flow.

This branch is compatible with upcoming Vaadin platform versions. See other branches for other Vaadin versions:

  • 15.0 for upcoming Vaadin 24
  • 14.1 for upcoming Vaadin 23.3
  • 14.0 for Vaadin 23
  • 13.0 for Vaadin 22
  • 11.3 for Vaadin 14.8
  • 10.0 for Vaadin 10
  • 3.0 for Vaadin 8.2+
  • 2.0 for Vaadin Framework 8.0...8.1 versions
  • 1.0 for Vaadin Framework 7 versions

Using with Vaadin 10

To use CDI with Vaadin 10, you need to add the following dependency to your pom.xml:

  <version>10.0.0.beta1</version> <!-- Or the LATEST version -->

Since the current release version is a prerelease, you need to also include the prerelease Maven repository:

    <id>Vaadin prereleases</id>

Getting started

NOTE: This is still WIP. The easiest way for starting a project is to go to and select the Project Base with CDI to get an empty project with everything setup ready for you.

NOTE: This is still WIP. There is a tutorial also available in that helps you get started with Vaadin 10 and CDI.

Building the project

Execute mvn clean install -DskipTests in the root directory to build vaadin-cdi.

Run integration tests

Execute mvn -pl vaadin-cdi-itest -Ptomee verify in the root directory to run integration tests.

Issue tracking

If you find an issue, please report it in the GitHub issue tracker.


The contributing docs can be found here:

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