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This is VitaShell's patches for USB storage support as a standalone plugin. If loaded on startup (before SceShell), it will automatically mount the USB storage as ux0 instead of the memory card or internal memory.

Full credits to The_FloW for the patches.

This is NOT for gamecard-to-microSD adapters! For that, you want to check out this


  1. Make sure your USB storage drive is formatted to a single FAT, FAT32, or exFAT partition using the MBR partition scheme. (For devices over 32GB, it is recommended to format to 64kb or 32kb cluster sizes)
  2. Install the vpk
  3. Run usbmc to start the installer
  4. Press X to install the plugin.
  5. Reboot

Now you can use the USB storage as extra storage. Continue reading if you want to use it in place of your memory card.

  1. Open the usbmc installer again.
  2. Press X to start the memory card installation.
  3. Choose to either copy VitaShell/molecularShell to the USB storage or copy everything from your memory card to the USB storage, replacing any files already on there.
  4. Once the copying is complete, press X to shut down the Vita.
  5. Remove your old memory card to start using your USB storage as a memory card.


  1. Insert a Sony memory card or remove the USB storage if you have internal memory (PSTV and PCH-2000).
  2. Install the usbmc vpk to that memory card.
  3. Launch the installer and use the Triangle option to uninstall.

Note you cannot uninstall usbmc while it is in use (duh).

Memory Card Priority

  1. Vita memory card will be used if inserted.
  2. USB storage will be used if inserted and formatted correctly.
  3. Internal memory will be used if it exists (PSTV and PCH-2000).

Note that plugins from ur0:tai/config.txt will be loaded as well as from ux0:tai/config.txt so make sure you don't load the same things twice!

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