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Integration of the Ink language into Unreal 4 (https://github.com/inkle/ink)


1 year ago

Mostly just repackaged for 4.27, with a pull request that adds unicode support. I intend to fix some of the outstanding issues on this github when I can, but have not done so yet. Please bear with me.

  • Repackaged for 4.27
  • Now supports unicode ink text properly.


2 years ago

No significant changes, just upgraded to Unreal 4.26.0, recompiled and repackaged.


2 years ago

Another chunky update to the plugin brings this plugin inline with the full featureset of the ink C# api. I'm considering it "done" at this point, though note that there are still improvements that can be made. It has everything you would want to make a game with.


  • Added BuildStringOfHeirarchy function
  • Added support for querying global tags
  • Warnings are now properly reported while running the story
  • Added background thread saving functions
  • Added function to get path string from story state
  • Maybe added Mac support? Everything is there, need someone to test it for me.
  • Added variable state structure for querying or setting any variable state in the story
  • Added HasFunction and EvaluateFunction calls for executing code inside the story
  • Added external functions which can be bound to delegates. Don't know how to make this work in blueprints nicely, but it's exposed to C++ for now.


2 years ago

This is a significant update to usability of the plugin, allowing release packaged builds, proper error handling and includes the new version of Ink.


  • Changed project structure so that you can easily compile the plugin yourself without needing engine source code. Simply download the repo and open the solution file. A dummy host project is provided
  • Plugin now works when placed in the project's plugin folder and not just the engine's plugin folder
  • Upgraded Ink runtime to 0.9.0
  • mono sgen library and all required mono assemblies are now automatically copied to the output directory when doing packaged builds. Packaged builds should no longer crash
  • Implemented asset reimport for story assets
  • Choice functions are now pure blueprint functions
  • Error message handling for the ink compiler has been implemented. Get warnings, author messages and errors sent to the unreal message log when compiling ink scripts

Barring a couple of advanced Ink api features, this library is now suitable for publishing games with. I will be implementing the other missing advanced features soon.


2 years ago

Recompile for Unreal 4.25.3.


3 years ago

Recompiled for Unreal 4.25.1, and upgraded the example project to run in Unreal 4.25.1.


3 years ago

Recompiled for Unreal 4.24.3, and upgraded the example project to run in Unreal 4.24.3.


3 years ago

Just recompiled for Unreal 4.23.0 and upgraded example project.

Should work perfectly fine on latest versions of Unreal.


3 years ago

First Release!

To install, unpackage the plugin and put inside the plugins folder of your engine (Engine/Plugins).

Make sure you have all the binaries included in the ThirdParty folder, they're important.

Run the Example Project and you should be good to go.