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A collection of open source plugins for Unreal Engine 4

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A collection of open source plugins for Unreal Engine 4. Includes source code, as well as compiled versions for 4.9. The plugins should work on other versions, but the compiled binaries are only included for the current release version.

Look at Movement Component Plugin

Movement component that keeps an actor oriented toward the player or another actor or location.

Installation & Use Video: http://youtu.be/_yKx3idsk2E

Gesture Recognizer Component Plugin

A set of gesture recognizers for use with touch-based devices.

Installation & User Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E09vsC-LPcI

Offscreen Indicator Plugin

A blueprint node to help calculate a screen-edge location for offscren objects

Scalability Quality Plugin

More robust Blueprint access to screen resolution and video quality settings. If you run the sample project, if you hit the tab key (or controller special left) you can see these in action. The ScalabilityTestWidget demonstrates how to use these nodes. Blueprint event graph

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