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Base code for OAuth2 / REST workshop based on Yammer's dropwizard

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The drop wizard university-foo application was developed to showcase the use of OAuth2 and provide a basic - yet dummy - REST interface for demo and workshop purposes.

It resulted in the full-blown - production running - framework apis.


Included with this application is an in-memory implementation of a OAuth2 Provider to grant access tokens (something missing in the DropWizard example codebase)

Running The Application

To bootstrap the example application run the following commands.

  • To package the example run (maven3 is a prerequisite to install the university-foo app).

      mvn package
  • To run the server run (in debug mode).

      java -jar -Xdebug -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=8000 target/university-foo-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar server university-foo-dev.yml 
  • To run the server in your IDE simply run the application class src/main/java/org/surfnet/example/api/

Testing The Application

To test the application you will need an OAuth2 client. The application can be used to test the OAuth provider in this application. Fire up mujina-sp and point your browser to: http://localhost:9090/social/social-queries.shtml

The OAuth2 configuration for the university-foo application is:

To authenticate an user the identifiers foo1...10 can be used with a fake password. The placeholder help page can be found at:


  • The university-foo OAuth provider currently only support the Authorization Code Grant flow (e.g. Implicit Grant and other flows are not supported).
  • The absence of a consent dialog when authentication succeeds.
  • The application does not enforce that a REST call can only access the data for the student that authorized the client application
  • The API currently is very limited and only supports accessing student profiles
  • There is no elaborate help section (analogue to
  • The university-foo currently has no client registration support (client_id, secret, logo, name and redirect_uri)
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