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This is an open source Unity pause menu created for the game New Horizons, and it's completely free because of how a pause menu is a core component of a game, while the unity asset store was lacking in such an asset (until this was released on the asset store).

Project README

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Just drag the pause menu prefab from the prefab folder into your scene, and then bring it into view by editing the x value of the PREFAB to 0 , y to 0 and Z to 0.


Completely delete the pause menu folder and install the new version.

If you have a custom prefab or manager you can always keep that version in a different folder and merge the changes from there.

Things to note

  1. Assign the main cam obj as the camera with your image effects like DOF and AO.
  2. The docs are located here: https://github.com/GreatArcStudios/UnityPauseMenuDocs
  3. Special note for 5.4 and above: you may ignore the Coroutine Utlities folder and or update the script due to Unity 5.4's (and above) addition of a WaitForSecondsRealTime method.

Joystick/Controller support

Using a joystick/controller should work fine. Just remeber to change the highlighted dropdown to Joystick. alt text

Enabling pause blur

First, make sure you have the unity image effects package. Then follow the next few steps.

Uncomment the following variable declarations found starting at line 270

 //Blur Variables
 //Blur Effect Script (using the standard image effects package) 
 public Blur blurEffect;
 //Blur Effect Shader (should be the one that came with the package)
 public Shader blurEffectShader;
 //Boolean for if the blur effect was originally enabled
 public Boolean blurBool;

Find and uncomment the following code found starting at line 349

 //set the blur boolean to false;
 blurBool = false;
 //Add the blur effect
 blurEffect = (Blur)mainCamObj.GetComponent(typeof(Blur));
 blurEffect.blurShader = blurEffectShader;
 blurEffect.enabled = false;  

Uncomment the following code found starting at line 382

if (blurBool == false)
blurEffect.enabled = false;
 //if you want to add in your own stuff do so here

Uncomment the following code found starting at line 465 .

if (blurBool == false)
 blurEffect.enabled = true;

And that's it. Just a few steps to enable a blury background on your pause menu!

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