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SSR solution for Unity URP. Supports Linear Tracing and Hi Z tracing. The package includes SSR render feature and Hierarchical Min-Z Depth Buffer render feature.

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Images enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here Requirements:

  • Unity URP 12 or newer

  • Unity 2021 LTS or newer

Does not support VR. Installation Instructions:

  1. Copy: "https://github.com/JoshuaLim007/Unity-ScreenSpaceReflections-URP.git"
  2. Go into the package manager in unity
  3. Select "add package from git url"
  4. Paste the link into the text entry
  5. Press "add"

In your URP Asset SSR ScreenShot 1

Tracing Modes

  • Linear Tracing
  • Hi-Z Tracing

enter image description here Hi Z tracing requires "Depth Pyramid" render feature to be added in the pipeline asset. The Depth Pyramid is included in this package.

API: enter image description here

Changing settings during runtime

void LimSSR.SetSettings(ScreenSpaceReflectionsSettings o)
  • o.StepStrideLength = The length of each ray march stride. Increasing this will reduce image quality but allow for further objects to be visible in the reflections.
  • o.MaxSteps = The number of steps the shader does before ending the ray march. Increasing this will allow further objects to be visible in the reflections but reduce performance.
  • o.Downsample = The number of times the working resolution is downscaled. Increasing this will reduce image quality but increase performance.
  • o.MinSmoothness = The minimum smoothness of a material has to be in order to have reflections.

For the best quality, try to minimize StepStrideLength and maximize MaxSteps

bool LimSSR.Enabled
  • True: Enables effect
  • False: Disables effect

Enables or disables the SSR shader

static RaytraceModes TracingMode

Sets the tracing mode: Linear tracing, or Hi Z tracing

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