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Native plugin to use ReplayKit with Unity.

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Unity ReplayKit Bridge

Native plugin to use ReplayKit with Unity.
The ReplayKit framework provides the ability to record video and audio within your app and share it.
Swift-implemented version is here.


Download unity-replay-kit-bridge.unitypackage from link below:


  1. Open your project in Unity.
  2. Open the downloaded package by double-click or choose Assets menu > Import Package > Custom Package... to import plugin into your project.
  3. Plugin files are imported into UnityReplayKitBridge folder.

Notice: Swift-implemented version requires unity-swift.


See Example/Assets/Main/Main.unity and UIController.cs.



// Check whether the screen recorder is available.
if (ReplayKitBridge.IsScreenRecorderAvailable) {
    Debug.Log("Screen recorder is available.");

// Check whether the app is recording.
if (ReplayKitBridge.IsRecording) {
    Debug.Log("Now recording.");

// Check whether the camera is enabled. (iOS 10 or later)
if (!ReplayKitBridge.IsCameraEnabled) {
    // Enable the camera. (iOS 10 or later)
    ReplayKitBridge.IsCameraEnabled = true;

// Check whether the microphone is enabled.
if (!ReplayKitBridge.IsMicrophoneEnabled) {
    // Enable the microphone.
    ReplayKitBridge.IsMicrophoneEnabled = true;

Set up delegates

ReplayKitBridge.Instance.onStartRecordingCallback = () => {
    // Called when recording has been started.

ReplayKitBridge.Instance.onStopRecordingCallback = () => {
    // Called when recording has been stopped.
    Time.timeScale = 0;                     // Pause scene while user is editting and sharing recorded screen.
    ReplayKitBridge.PresentPreviewView();   // Present preview view.

ReplayKitBridge.Instance.onFinishPreviewCallback = (string activityType) => {
    // Called when recorded video has been saved or when the done button has been pressed.
    ReplayKitBridge.DismissPreviewView();   // Dismiss preview view.
    Time.timeScale = 1;                     // Resume time scale.

ReplayKitBridge.Instance.onCancelRecordingCallback = () => {
    // Called when recording has been stopped and discarded.

ReplayKitBridge.Instance.onStopRecordingWithErrorCallback = (string error) => {
    // Called when recording has been stopped due to an error.

Start/stop/cancel screen recording

ReplayKitBridge.StartRecording();       // Start screen recording.
ReplayKitBridge.StopRecording();        // Stop screen recording.
ReplayKitBridge.CancelRecording();      // Stop and discard current screen recording.

Preview view

ReplayKitBridge.PresentPreviewView();   // Present preview view.
ReplayKitBridge.DismissPreviewView();   // Dismiss preview view.


Camera Usage Description

Camera Usage Description (NSCameraUsageDescription) is defined in UnityReplayKitBridge/Editor/Config.cs.
This value is written in Info.plist and displayed when the system prompts the user to allow access to the camera.

public const string CameraUsageDescription = "Screen recording";


iOS 9 or later


Unity 5.3.5f1
Xcode 7.3.1

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