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  • Based on TDLib
  • Secret chats
  • Folders synced with other Telegram clients
  • Instant view (now updated with the most recent 2.0)
  • Multi-account
  • Full featured private and group calls and videocalls (videosharing, raise the hand etc.)
  • Videos and photos editor (easily crop photos, rotate, flip, draw on images before sending them)
  • Drag&drop files to chats to send them quickly or use Windows 10 Share
  • Open chats in separated windows
  • Replace sent media content
  • Polls 2.0 and Quizzes
  • Backgrounds 2.0 (blurred and motion options available)
  • Built-in app lock with support for Windows Hello authentication (fingerprint, face and iris recognition)
  • Advanced markdown editor for messages
  • In-app music player
  • Animated stickers and emojis, video stickers
  • Scheduled and silent messages
  • Advanced formatting of the messages (markdown support and spoiler feature)
  • Channel statistics for big channels
  • Full support of Windows notifications and Action Centre (reply to a message or mark it as read without opening the app)
  • Accessibility for visually impaired people


Before reporting bugs, doing features requests or embarking pull requests, be sure you have already read our contributing guidelines. Build instructions can be found here.


Changelogs are provided both in Releases section of our GitHub project and Unigram News channel.


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Download without the store

We release beta versions outside of the Microsoft Store. To install them just download the latest .appxbundle file from this channel. Remember to follow the instructions in the first message.

Windows 10 N

To work with Windows 10 N you will need Media Feature pack. To install it properly go to Settings > Apps and Features > Add a feature. At this point, select Media Feature pack, install it and reboot.


Unigram has 18 built-in languages, but has access to unlimited packs using Telegram translations platform. If you are wishing to translate it to your language, you can do that here, since Unigram uses the same translations as the official Telegram app for Android.


You can find here some documentation on how to build Unigram, grab TDLib logs and a list of all built-in keyboard shortcuts.

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