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Telegram for Windows

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For reporting bugs or making feature requests/suggestions, please go to https://bugs.telegram.org/.

For feature requests, make sure to have read our contributing guidelines and build instructions.


Changelogs are provided both in Unigram News channel and in the Releases section of our GitHub project.


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Beta versions

If you want to have access to new features and bug fixes sooner, you can try our beta versions. In order to install them, download the latest .msixbundle file from this channel. Remember to follow carefully the instructions in the first message.


Unigram has 28 built-in languages and has access to unlimited packs using Telegram translations platform. If you are wishing to improve or complete the current translations you can do it here. You can also work on the translation of a missing language from there.


We have a list of shortcuts to ease the use with a keyboard. An up-to-date list can be found here.

Windows 10 N

In order to be able to use Unigram in Windows 10 N, you will need Media Feature pack. To install it properly, go to Settings > Apps and Features > Add a feature. At this point, select Media Feature pack, install it and reboot.

Privacy policy

In order to guarantee a great user experience, Unigram uses some third party services:

  • Microsoft Bing Maps
    Used to generate map previews when receiving and sharing locations.
  • Microsoft AppCenter
    Used to collect anonymous crash data and usage statistics, fundamental to monitor app health and to fix issues.
    Anonymised data is stored for 28 days.

Additionally to this, Telegram privacy policy applies.

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