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⏱ Minimalist CLI task & time manager, written in Haskell.

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Minimalist CLI task & time manager, written in Haskell.


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Taskwarrior is a good and powerful CLI to track your tasks, but it requires time to configure it. The amount of features is giant, which can lead to confusion. Plus, if you also want to track your time, you need to install the Timewarrior plugin, which makes the configuration step even heavier.

In the other hand, Watson tracks well your time but can't tracks your tasks.

Unfog proposes an alternative solution that:

  • is easy to install / configure / use
  • can track your tasks AND your time


A task is composed of a description and an optionnal due time. It can be attached to a project. It can be started and stopped (to track time) and done or deleted (to track projects).

Basic reports can be generated to have an overview of your tasks and your projects. They allow you to determine how and where the time was spent, if projects fits their initial estimations…


curl -sSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/soywod/unfog/master/install.sh | bash

See wiki section for more information.


# ~/.config/unfog/config.toml

# Store file location.
# Default: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/unfog/store
# Warning: only absolute paths are supported for now,
# see https://github.com/soywod/unfog/issues/45
store-path = "/abs/path/to/store"

See wiki section for more information.


⏱ Unfog - Minimalist task & time manager

Usage: unfog COMMAND

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text

Available commands:
  list                     Show current project tasks [l]
  info                     Show task details [i]
  worktime                 Show worktime report [wtime, w]
  status                   Show active task info [stat]
  add                      Add a new task [a]
  edit                     Edit an existing task [e]
  start                    Start a task [sta, s]
  stop                     Stop a task [sto, S]
  toggle                   Toggle a task [tog, t]
  done                     Mark as done a task [do, d]
  undone                   Unmark as done a task [undo, u]
  delete                   Delete a task [del, D]
  undelete                 Undelete a task [undel, U]
  context                  Change the current project [ctx, c]
  upgrade                  Upgrade the CLI
  version                  Show the version
  cache:clear              Clear the state cache

See wiki section for more information.


See wiki section for more information.


See wiki section for more information.

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